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Experience the superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional molded-in non-skid with HZCHIONE. Our UV-resistant closed-cell EVA foam is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions while providing exceptional traction, wet or dry. Enjoy maximum comfort and reduced noise with HZCHIONE's shock-absorbing and sound-dampening qualities. Fully customizable, our products bring both functionality and style to boats of all sizes. Discover the HZCHIONE difference for boats, yachts, kayaks, surfboards, and more.

What are the benefits of using eva foam boat decking?

Boat deck mats offer several benefits, including slip resistance, protection of boat surfaces from damage, and added comfort and cushioning for passengers. They can also help reduce fatigue and stress on the feet, legs, and back.

Are boat deck mats easy to install?

Yes, our boat deck mats are designed to be easy to install and require no special tools or skills. However, following our installation instructions is important to ensure a proper and secure fit.

Can you do custom the mats to fit my boat?

Yes, We offer custom feature options to ensure a perfect fit for your boat. And for more information, see the Custom Featurespage.

Do you support customized colors?

Yes,you can either tell us the pantone color number or send the colors samples to us,then we can match for you.

How to apply the EVA boat flooring?

HZCHIONE EVA mat with strong adhesive backing; after you ensure the area is clean and dry, you just need to peel off the backing paper and stick it on. Take your roller and roll in a back-and-forth motion from the center of the piece. Apply even pressure to ensure no air is trapped beneath the pad.

Can HZCHIONE be applied over existing non-skid?

Yes. HZCHIONE adheres very well to most molded-in non-skids and properly applied and maintained aggregate type non-skid paints, as long as the surface is cleaned properly prior to installation. For extremely aggressive textures, we recommend sending photos to our Customer Service Team at

What tools do i need to cut HZCHIONE with?

A shark knife and even a straight ruler.(Please be careful when using the knife.

Is it your material UV resistant,and salt water proof?

Yes,our EVA foam material is marine grade,so it is UV resistant and salt water proof.

What is the best method to clean HZCHIONE?

Most boat deck mats can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution; some can even be power washed. However, following our cleaning instructions is important to avoid damaging the mat.

What is the ideal temperature for installing marine flooring?

The ideal application temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C). It is not recommended to apply tape for the first time on surfaces with temperatures below 50°F (10°C) because the adhesive will become too hard to bond easily. However, once properly applied, retention at low temperatures is usually satisfactory.

How long do boat deck mats last?

The lifespan of boat deck mats can vary depending on usage, exposure to sunlight and weather, and maintenance. However, our high-quality boat deck mats can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

What can l do to extend the life of my boat flooring?

If you are going to store your boat, please use a boat cover to prevent UV damage, wind and rain.

Is the product pet friendly (dogs)?

Yes, can be as the non-slip mat for your lovely pet, a cat's exercise wheel pad, etc.

Is the adhesive you offer permanent?

None of the adhesive in this word is permanent.

What can i do if the edging is slihtly up?

Use some strong glue on that edging area to glue it.

What sizes do boat deck mats come in?

Boat deck mats come in various sizes to fit different boat models and types. We offer standard sizes, while others offer custom sizing options.

Does HZCHIONE get hot?

As with any flooring product, darker colors will become warmer in the sun. Thanks to the closed-cell features of HZCHIONE, heat associated with any color will dispel quickly.

Do boat deck mats prevent slipping?

Yes, boat deck mats are designed to provide slip resistance, even in wet or slippery conditions. However, choosing a mat with a texture and material that provides sufficient slip resistance for your needs is important.

How do you pack the EVA MAT Sheet?

We pack in rolled with carton.

What is the return policy for boat deck mats?

Please check the return policy before making a purchase to ensure that you can return the mat if it doesn't meet your needs.

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